A private air ambulance is either an aircraft or helicopter which has been modified and equipped for the medical repatriation of patients locally or worldwide.

In an emergency situation we are ready to assist you and your loved ones immediately. We can quickly, simply and efficiently organise and implement a medical repatriation via air ambulance.
Every air ambulance flight is planned meticulously to suit your individual requirements. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day for enquiries and to answer any questions you may have. AMBU-TRANS stands for empathy, we strive to fully understand your situation and requirements, only then will we advise and work with you to find an acceptable solution.
Air ambulance flights are always a special and individual matter. Every patient is different, they require differing types of care and treatment. Our medical team is prepared specifically for your situation and will consult with you and your Family & Friends over the optimal Medical Repatriation method, answering any questions you or they might have, in a clear and simple manner.

What we can do for you:

  • Inform and advise you about the available air ambulance options
  • Inform and advise you regarding the other repatriation options available to you (if the medical conditions of the patient allows it, or if it would be more appropriate. e.g. by the Medical Escort on a commercial flight or by an ICU equipped Long Distance Road Ambulance)
  • We will listen to your concerns, and support you in what can be a very stressful time
  • Create for you an individual quotation specifically tailored to your situation
  • We will handle all the communications with the Doctors in the hospitals at the collection point and at your desired end location
  • Organise the admission into the receiving hospital
  • Organise the road transportation with an ICU equipped ambulance directly to and from the aircraft on the runway at both ends of the flight
  • Maintain communication with your relatives during the transportation phase. (We are there for you, 24hrs per day, 365 days a year)

Quick reaction

An air ambulance is without doubt the fastest way to medically repatriate a patient over medium to long distances.
As soon as we receive confirmation of your order, we will organise the return transportation, it can be as quick as a few hours.

Air ambulance aircraft types
Air ambulances are usually specially equipped private jets similar to “Lear Jets” which are considered to be very reliable on medium to long distance routes.

Costs of an Air ambulance
An air ambulance mission is more expensive, for example, than a Medical Escort on a commercial flight, or an ICU equipped Road Ambulance. This is because the air ambulance is mobilised only for your medical repatriation, it lands and then once the patient is on board immediately flies to the end destination. An air ambulance from AMBU-TRANS is not a taxi service which will stop along the route to collect other patients, it is dedicated purely for your purposes.

Costs for air ambulance flights are calculated dependant on the distance, and other circumstances such as, in the case of very long flights, additional fuel stops.
It is not realistically possible to provide you instantly with a price, as the costs are influenced by many factors such as distance, aircraft size, crew, however once we have the information from you regarding the patient, and the start and end locations, we can very quickly provide you with an accurate quotation.

State of the Art Technology

A private air ambulance is equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipment including all monitoring instruments and lifesaving technology.
Our air ambulances carry all the normal high-tech equipment associated with Intensive care treatment, ventilators, defibrillators, state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and medicines. We deliver the best possible patient care during the entire “bed to bed” medical repatriation journey, from the hospital to the airport, during the actual flight, and then from the airport to the receiving hospital at your chosen destination, it is all part of our service. Every air ambulance flight is accompanied by members of our highly trained medical team who have many years of experience of transporting patients in air ambulances.
Please note: Before every medical repatriation flight the on-board ICU equipment and medicines are checked and if necessary tailored to the exact requirements of the individual patient.


A medical helicopter allows us to access areas where landing space is limited. A fixed wing aircraft (whether turbo-prop or jet engine) is better suited for intercontinental or medium to long distance flights. We choose the right aircraft for the journey.


A private air ambulance offers more space on-board that a commercial flight with patient on a stretcher. A medical repatriation with a Medical Escort on a commercial flight may be possible in some cases, this more cost effective option may be suitable for some patients, please contact us for more information.
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