My mother, Carol was ill

Route: Cyprus to Sheffield, via Manchester
Date of repatriation: 15th February 2017
Date posted: 28-02-2017

My mother, Carol was ill in Cyprus. She has COPD and was in hospital, in Paphos. Carol was oxygen dependent but very keen to return to the UK. I contacted Ambu-Trans and they organised a full repatriation. Ambu-Trans contacted a highly trained Medic, one of their full time team and within a couple of hours he was making his way to Cyprus. He spent almost a full day with Carol and had numerous meetings with the medical team in Paphos, before escorting her home on a regulation flight. She was on oxygen at all times during the repatriation, she felt very safe and very well looked after for the whole journey home. I had flown out to Cyprus, but only had a mobile! Ambu-Trans booked all flights, medical transfers, etc. The service they provided was literally from the hospital bed in Paphos to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, our home city. It was not cheap and my mother did not have medical insurance; however it was half the price the British Embassy had told us to expect! Many thanks to Ambu-Trans; highly recommended.