AMBU-TRANS – Your Reliable Partner for Medical Repatriation

You are on holiday and have had an accident or become ill?
A Family member is lying in a hospital at home or abroad, and you wish they could be moved to a hospital of your choice.
There are many reasons that a Medical Repatriation might become necessary, we are experts in providing worldwide Air Ambulance transportation, and providing expert, superbly equipped Medical Escorts or long distance Ambulance Transportation.
When that emergency situation arises it is so important for you to know you have reliable, knowledgeable and efficient support at your side. The transportation of patients is a sensitive matter, we will help you deal with the situation, give you with all the relevant information and provide assistance to help you reach the right decisions.
We are a genuine organization. For example all the picture on our website are genuine. Whenever you contact us you will speak to one of our experienced staff, not an answering service.

Responsive and always on Standby

We are contactable 24 hour 365 days per year. We will not keep you waiting for answers, information or updates. We act quickly and efficiently in all situations. If your situation requires that we mobilise the right resources the same day to get you back, we do it!


This isn’t just a job for us. We care. We ask ourselves what we would do if the patient was our son or daughter. This shapes all our advice and decision-making. And when we make a promise, it’s personal. We stand by our commitments.


Even if your insurance company is not able to help you, we will assist you in finding a solution for your repatriation. We offer the best medical repatriation options for your situation whether it be by land or by air no matter where in the World. With our fleet of specially equipped ambulances and medical staff we can bridge vast distances, even outside of the European borders.
Thanks to our many years of experience with Doctors and Hospitals all over the World we can quickly find a way to cope with difficult and sometimes complicated bureaucratic processes, both in the UK and abroad.


AMBU-TRANS has to date successfully brought hundreds of patients safely back home. We have Hubs on several continents, and have over many years developed a network of Doctors, Nurses and Medical Assistants. In many hospitals Worldwide AMBU-TRANS is known and trusted. Our client base comprises of Government Departments, Companies, Organisations, and private individuals.

Of Course AMBU-TRANS hold all the necessary certifications and approvals and meets all the required legal standards. In the Netherlands we are registered as an Ambulance operator and operate in accordance with the National Standard (Landelijk Protocol Ambulancezorg 8.0) & OMAR. AMBU-TRANS constantly strives for greater quality, and is currently working towards ISO 9001 2015 certification.